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Pioneering The Gaming of Tomorrow

AtmosVR is a Virtual Reality gaming company with a wide array of VR Arcade and Arenas. Our desire to provide the best entertainment and customer experience has pushed us in creating our flagship store that's exclaimed as the "World's #2 Largest VR Park". We constantly strive to ensure that every customer leaves our store with a smile on their face, and memories to cherish. 

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Your Journey to The Future

VR Arcade

Our flagship location has the World's #2 Largest collection of VR arcade games, with a wide array of options: racing,  shooting, roller coasters, cinemas, and more. 

Sigma (Arena)

Sigma is an advanced free roaming VR arena with haptic feedback, ultra realistic graphics, and thrilling gameplay! Players are equipped with guns, VR headsets, and headphones. Games in Sigma are also integrated to haptic vests, providing players with real life feedback and sensations of pain, in sync with actions happening in-game. A combination of all these factors makes Sigma the most advanced form of gaming experience currently available in market.

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Alpha (Arena)

Alpha is a highly immersive PvP and PvAI free roaming arena. The PvP shooting games in Alpha are also integrated with haptic vests, providing players with real life pain sensations, while they're shot in-game.

AtmosVR: Flagship Store

AtmosVR: Flagship Store

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4th Floor, Beside AMB Cinemas, Sarath City Capital Mall, Kondapur, Telangana, India


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