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Let us help you celebrate in style! 

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Our Event/Party room will teleport you into another dimension

Event rooms in AtmosVR are equipped with vibrant laser lights. This is further embellished with outer space themed visuals, context specific audio, and friendly folk always willing to assist their customers. Thereby creating a perfect recipe for a memorable day out with your close ones. 


Corporate Parties

AtmosVR has the perfect catalogue of attractions catered towards corporate events and team building activities. Our arenas: Sigma & Alpha have the perfect list of PvP VR games, enabling better communication among colleagues. Be our guest, Be our guest! Put our service to the test.....And we'll provide the rest! 

Birthday Parties

AtmosVR has a wide range of VR arcades & PvAI arenas to make birthday parties even more thrilling. Compete with your friends using snipers, assault rifles, pistols, motor cars, and many more! Our party rooms are designed to make your parties private and extra special. 

Girls' night out
Kids Playing with Balloons

Kids Birthday Parties

Would your kid be interested in a hyper realistic deep water submarine exploration? Or would he be excited about a helicopter ride in a different dimension? Or how about playing PUBG in VR, with haptic vests providing real life feedback of in-game effects? You name it, and we have it at AtomsVR! Contact us to let us help making positive memories for your little ones. Memories that they would look back to, and cherish even after 30 years :)  

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